The Customer Is Always… Right?

In painting jobs, it’s always good to think about what’s most important at the end of the day, when you’ve rolled up the
oil cloths, packed up the van and all the painters have departed to leave a brand-new interior or exterior for

So what are those important things?

As the year winds down, we can take a look at so many projects done, satisfied customers, people with smiles on
their faces as they utilize these newly renovated areas of their properties – and we can see that communications and
customer service are what makes the whole thing spin along in a positive way!

Listening to Customers

In some ways, it is about acknowledging that the customer is right in their concerns, and in their desires and

Taking that attention to detail a step further, you can see that at work in our painting jobs and what we leave behind
when we’re done!

It’s also part of our business philosophy to really value the input that we get from our customers, whether that’s at the
beginning of the job, in the middle of the job, or at the end.

Advising and Guiding Customers

So when is the customer not ‘right?’

Well, it’s not a question of being right or wrong but there are cases where the customer might not know about some of
the best tricks of the trade or areas of practice.

Then we can talk about this and help them to understand that better.

A few simple examples might help. Suppose that somebody wants to paint up to a certain wainscoting or baseboard
mark, but they don’t understand how much easier it would be to remove certain components that can easily be

We come in and take a professional eye to a project to see how it can be done effectively and efficiently.
Maybe nobody thought of installing quarter round to cover the edges of some wall or floor area. That’s just one
example. Maybe optimal arrangement of furniture can make a job much faster, while still preserving the accuracy and
tidiness of the final result. These types of win-win outcomes are valuable to the customer – but without the
professional shop, they might have never thought of them!

That’s the type of thing we’re talking about: it’s a collaborative process that we love to do with customers, so call
CRPro Painting and we’ll be on your side of the equation, getting your painting work done right, and making your
living spaces look terrific. Be sure to ask about new products, new techniques and new approaches, and how these
can help to make your paint job better, and better. We love this value added stuff – it’s what makes the painting and
home improvement world go ‘round.

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