Paint The Fence

In the painting world, we often talk about different types of interior and exterior painting applied to homes, and business buildings such as shops.

Fences are different.

Insurance companies treat fences differently, too, classifying them as appurtenances and providing different kinds of coverage.

Our fence painting service is specific to this area of your property, where it’s easy for different types of fences to deteriorate over time. You’ll typically find chipping, peeling or flaking paint on a fence, and need to sort of rehab the whole thing to make the property look good again.

Wood Fences

Even well-treated wood is prone to deterioration over the years. And even the best paint only clings to that wood for so long.

Our superior wood painting process involves prepping and painting the fence in a solid color for a smooth visual result. We take into account the best practices that give our customers MORE out of a fence painting. Because you don’t want to have to come back just a few years later, and pay for all of that all over again!

Vinyl Fences

Do vinyl fences get discolored? Yes, they do.

We can paint vinyl fences, too, with attention to these more durable surfaces and what happens to them over time. Pressure washing may also be part of the equation in some cases. Vinyl fencing may or may not be structurally strong (partly depending on what kind of installation is underneath) but the surface itself resists decay. You may have some mold or mildew to remediate, however. 

Brick and Metal Fences

Even a nice wrought iron fence may need some TLC from time to time.

We are experienced in covering these types of high-quality fencing with paint that will stay and provide a great aesthetic result for years to come.

We also do brick, and cover things like decks and awnings, so take a look at our Frederick Maryland shop for painting that’s going to give you the value that you need. One of the reviews on our site shows how we take notes on a project to make sure it’s done right and how it’s wonderful from start to finish. Other reviews are similarly looking at important components of our service and how we stack up to others. We want you to know that you are always getting an efficient, professional job, whether it’s the interior of a home, the exterior, a fence – or anything else! Get in touch for a great project. 

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