How Frigid Winter Weather Can Affect Your Exterior Paint

How Frigid Winter Weather Can Affect Your Exterior Paint

Maintaining a high level of curb appeal is something most homeowners are passionate about. One of the main things you need to keep the outside of your home appealing is a pristine paint job. While exterior paint is designed to be durable, it will show signs of wear as it ages.

Varying outdoor temperatures can wreak havoc on your exterior paint. Experts predict that the winter of 2022 will be extremely cold. This means you need to educate yourself about the negative effects cold temperatures have on your exterior paint before its too late. Below are just some of the ways frigid winter weather can affect your exterior paint.

Cold Weather Can Change Paint Tones

As the temperatures across the United States start to fall, millions of homeowners are getting prepared for winter. When exterior paint is exposed to extreme cold, paint tone changes can occur. Darker paint colors have a tendency to turn lighter or frosted-looking when exposed to frigid temperatures. In most cases, the color will return once cold temperatures have moved out of the area.

In most cases, you will need to give your exterior paint a good power washing after winter to restore its appeal. If your exterior paint doesn’t return to its previous condition, then having your home repainted is a good idea. The professionals at C & R Pro Painting can help you get this home improvement project completed the right way.

Peeling and Chipping Problems

For the most part, your exterior paint is a barrier against moisture. When the moisture on your exterior paint expands and contracts during the freezing/thawing process, it can cause problems. These problems usually come in the form of peeling and chipping. Extreme temperature fluctuations will deteriorate the bond between your paint and the wooden surface underneath.

As soon as you notice cracks and chips in your exterior paint, you have to take action. These cracks and chips will allow a lot of moisture to get underneath your paint. This can result in damage to the wood under the paint. This is why working with painting professionals to resolve these issues is imperative. By repainting your home, you can protect the structural elements of your home.

Paint Stains Are Unappealing

Another problem that you might encounter during winter is stains on your exterior paint. These stains can make your paint look dingy and old. The best way to remove unsightly stains from the outside of your home is by pressure washing them. However, if the stains are exceptionally bad, you might need to invest in a new paint job.

While new exterior paint will cost money, it is a worthy investment. With the addition of new exterior paint, you can restore your home to like-new condition. Allowing professionals to handle the work involved in painting the outside of your home is a great way to ensure it is done correctly.

Are you experiencing exterior paint problems? If so, we are here to help you resolve them.

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