Helpful Tips for Painting Light Fixtures

Do you love the light fixtures in your home? Are you happy with their style and look, but there’s something off about them? If so, it could be the color. 

Believe it or not, you can easily resolve this by painting them. It’s not as hard as you may imagine painting these fixtures, and you can even have this included in the professional interior painting services you hire and use. 

Some tips that will help you with painting light fixtures are found here. 

Is It Necessary to Take a Light Fixture Down When Painting It?

While there’s no need to take a light fixture down to paint it, doing so can make the painting process easier. There are a few reasons why this is the case. 

For example, if you leave the fixture attached, you will have to work on an object that’s hanging from your ceiling. You will likely have to stand on a ladder to paint it, which can create a frustrating and potentially dangerous situation. 

Instead of just preparing the fixture, you will also have to prep the room where you are painting to keep it safe from splatters. It’s also smart to handle the light gently while you are painting. Make sure you don’t pull on the wiring or cord. If the fixture you are painting is touching your ceiling, it’s going to be more challenging to paint without getting the color on the ceiling. If you are fine with those restrictions, then you can move forward with painting your light fixture. 

The Process to Paint a Light Fixture in Your Home

When you are ready to start painting, you need to begin by turning the power off. It doesn’t matter if you are painting the fixture in place or taking the light down; you should cut the power to it. 

Next, tape off the parts of the light fixture that you don’t want to paint. This will likely include switches, glass, decorative pieces, and the cord. It’s a good idea to lightly sand the surface you plan to paint using fine-grit sandpaper. Clean the area to ensure a smooth surface with no dust or debris on it. 

Once this is done, you are ready to apply the first coat of paint. Spray paint is a smart option for light fixtures because it will be easier and provide a more even coat. After the first coat dries, apply a second coat until you get the desired finish. 

Wait 24 hours before you reinstall the light fixture and then restore power to it. 

Hire the Professionals for Help with Painting Your Home and Light Fixtures 

While painting isn’t overly difficult, it does take some time and effort. If you don’t want to put the time and effort into this, then hiring professionals is the best course of action. They can handle any painting job quickly and ensure you get the desired results. Keep this in mind moving forward and be sure to find a quality and reputable service provider to get the results you want.

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