Epoxy Flooring Service

Homeowners who have concrete floors can enhance them using our epoxy flooring service that involves the application of an epoxy coating (resins and hardeners).

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Epoxy Flooring Services in Frederick and surrounding areas

C&R Pro Painting is a professional residential painting contractor offering a variety of painting and related residential services. Our epoxy floor service is ideal for Frederick County, MD homeowners who want to enhance their concrete garage floors, basement floors, concrete driveways, and other concrete floors/surfaces.

Epoxy Floor Benefits

Epoxy flooring comes with many amazing benefits!

Coating your cement floor with epoxy is an incredible way to protect, harden, beautify, and improve your floor. We have all epoxy flooring types imaginable, from mortar and anti-static epoxy to quartz-filled and flaked epoxy.

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Our Epoxy Floor Treatment process


Consultation & Free Estimate

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Since epoxy coating needs a fully cured and thoroughly clean surface (which is slightly porous) for the coating to adhere perfectly, we start by assessing if the concrete is cured before power washing. Our epoxy flooring experts also test concrete surfaces for existing sealants.



If the concrete floor has cracks, chips, or related damage, we repair such damage first before coating.


Temperature checks

Before applying the epoxy coating, we make sure the concrete is within the recommended temperature range. Applying epoxy on hot concrete can result in peeling or a bubbly finish.



Our application process starts with an epoxy primer. However, this will depend on the finish we are applying. We mix and apply epoxy as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Our team has 10+ years experience in interior and exterior painting and coating. We have the know-how to apply epoxy coating in a seamless and timely manner before the coating begins to harden.

While epoxy coating is applied on concrete floors just like paint, there are many considerations to make, ranging from temperature to repairs and actual application. For instance, primer should be applied several hours before the coating. Applying the primer also requires skill. As a result, epoxy coating shouldn’t be a DIY project unless you understand everything about epoxy flooring.


Clean up and follow up

Once the application is done, we ensure that nothing was missed and that the job was a 100% success with our clients. We also follow up to make sure you are still satisfied with the results.

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