Common Problems You May Face with Bad Exterior Paints

Painting a home’s exterior requires a highly specialized skill set and knowledge of paint, painting processes, and the elements. Unfortunately, poor painting can lead to peeling, fading, cracking or blistering of the paint job. Homeowners may come across several issues with bad exterior paints.

Approximately $25 billion is spent annually on interior and exterior paint in the United States. You need to realize that not all paint is created equally. Settling for subpar paint is a bad mistake that can come back to haunt you.

Find out more about the problems caused by bad exterior paints below.

Adhesion Problems Are Common With Bad Exterior Paints

Poor paint adhesion to the exterior surface is a common problem that often requires professional painting companies like ours in Frederick, MD, to remediate. Paint adhesion issues can be caused by various factors, including moisture, dirt and oil on the surface, as well as improper painting techniques.

To ensure that paint adheres properly to the exterior surface, professionals must use the proper painting techniques. Painting on a damp or contaminated surface can cause paint to peel and flake away, while painting on a hot or cold surface can prevent the paint from adhering properly.

Outdoor lighting fixtures also need to be prepped before being painted. This prep work is time-consuming and complex, which is why allowing professionals to handle it is a good idea.

Peeling and Cracking

Cracking and peeling of paint due to weather conditions is a problem that can be caused by bad exterior painting. When painting a home’s exterior, a painting company in Frederick, MD, needs to consider the local climate to select the proper type of paint. A painting professional should also be aware of how different types of paint react to sun, wind, and rain.

Unfortunately, if bad painting practices are used or poor painting products are chosen, cracking or peeling of paint due to weather can occur even within just a few months of painting. Preventing this problem will be much easier with the team at C & R Pro Painting by your side.

Issues Involving Color Durability

Color fading over time is a problem that can easily be prevented by using good-quality exterior paints. In general, light colors fade faster than dark colors, which is why professionals recommend painting the home’s exterior with several coats of paint for better color durability.

The impact of UV rays on the paint is something that professional painters will take into account. Paints with a high level of UV protection are ideal for outdoor painting as they will help ensure that the color doesn’t fade over time.

Trust a Good Painting Company in Frederick MD

It should be clear by now that painting the exterior of your home is no easy task. If you want to get good painting results, you need to trust an experienced painting company in Frederick, MD, like C & R Pro Painting.

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