Cabinet Painting Services

Painting the cabinets in your home can make a world of difference! Revitalize your kitchen, bathroom, pantry, or any other area in your home with cabinets!

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Cabinet Painting is our specialty

If you want a fresh look for areas in your home like the kitchen and bathroom without spending too much, consider painting your cabinets. Changing your cabinet color can create a fresh new look and feel. A new color scheme may be all you need.

However, choosing high-quality paint, matching cabinet colors, and painting without creating a mess requires professionalism.

C&R Pro Painting is a professional cabinet painting company in Frederick, MD. We specialize in cabinet painting and have the experience and expertise to paint your home’s cabinets. We save homeowners from the hassle, guesswork, unexpected costs, and other challenges associated with DIY residential cabinet painting projects.

Cabinet Painting Services

For residents in Frederick, Germantown, and surrounding areas who need an expert’s touch.

Our cabinet painting services are specifically designed to meet our client’s needs and exceed their expectations. As one of the top painting contractors in Frederick MD, we are proud of the level of skill we have when it comes to painting our client’s cabinets.¬†

Kitchen cabinet painting

We can update your kitchen's look and feel with this service. For 10+ years, we've painted hundreds of kitchen cabinets and saved homeowners money they would have otherwise wasted renovating entire kitchens just to get a new look and feel easily achievable using paint.

This service is complemented by color consultation to ensure you select a color combination that matches your tastes and preferences perfectly. Your dream kitchen is a paint job away!

Bathroom cabinet painting

We also paint bathroom cabinets to restore that new look. Bathrooms are high heat and moisture areas. Over time, bathroom cabinets will rot, chip, crack or suffer other heat and moisture-related damage.

We can apply high-quality paint to your bathroom cabinets to keep them free of water and other related problems like mildew and mold, which compromise their appearance and introduce health risks.

Refinishing and refacing cabinets

We also give cabinets in any area of your home a fresh look. We can sand and remove existing finishing and paint from your cabinets before applying a fresh coat of paint or stain. This service offers a more superior look. Refinishing and refacing is necessary for cabinets with some structural damage or defects.

CALL C&R Pro Painting on (240) 245-6625 for all your cabinet painting needs. As of February 2021, we had completed over 700 projects successfully.

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Our cabinet painting process


Consultation & Free Estimate

It all starts with your free consultation and cabinet painting estimate. Give us a call and we will connect you with one of our cabinet painting experts.


Color consultation

Before painting, we help our clients pick the perfect cabinet paint color. We have countless options to choose from that match just about any interior decor theme imaginable.


Assess cabinet condition and repair

Once you procure our services, we will visit your home and assess the condition of your cabinets to establish the level of work we need to do.


Prep work

Before we start priming your cabinets, we need to prep all the surfaces, repair cracked or nicked spots, in the case of new size hardware is going to be installed patch existing holes, masking entire kitchen areas 


Prime and paint the cabinets

We prime cabinets to ensure unmatched paint adhesion. Priming increases paint durability. It also offers additional protection. After priming cabinets, we paint them using high-quality paint to offer a smooth, vibrant, and perfect finish.


Reassemble cabinets

Once the cabinets are dry, we inspect them for imperfections before reassembling them. Our cabinet painting services are guaranteed, so clients are at liberty to refuse paint jobs that aren’t perfect.

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